We visited Cernobbio, on the shores of Lake Como for a few days in June 2011. We booked a garden room at Villa d'Este, and due to low occupancy were very fortunate to have been given a lake view room. The Villa d'Este hotel is a destination in its own right, with immaculate gardens, a 500 year history, and beautiful scenery. The lake region offers many picturesque villages that can be easily accessed by boats that run through out the day. Separately, I posted a few older images taken as I was just starting with photography from a trip to Portofino taken in 2000 here.


Gardens, Villa d'Este.


A floating pool on Lake Como. The entire pool and platform rocked gently on the lake waters, like a ship.


Gardens and portions of Villa d'Este.

Two boats can be stored under the villa.

Nearby town of Cernobbio.

A view of Villa d'Este and Cernobbio.

Waterfront breakfast on Lake Como, with its wonderful early morning lighting.


A village along the shores of Lake Como. A waterfall in the background creates a scene of mist.



Another picturesque village along Lake Como's shore.


The town of Bellagio.


Leaving Bellagio.


Leaving Bellagio on a boat with beautiful wood finish.


A dusk garden scene at Villa d'Este.

A luxurious villa, reputedly owned by Sir Richard Branson.

Another large villa, with reputedly featured footage in Star Wars and a recent James Bond movie.


Interior, Villa d'Este hallway.



Lobby, Villa d'Este.


Lake front room, Villa d'Este. The chief problem with this room is you don't want to leave it!


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